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Tom’s European Vacation (Part 9) – Pompeii, Rome, Venice

October 20, 2010 Leave a comment

DSC02463 ‘When in Rome’, my mother always used to say…  but if I were to follow that way of thinking I would probably attempt to take over the world, name my offspring the next emperor and die as my world domination slowly fell apart after a few hundred years. Not bad – but I’d prefer to do things my own way, so…

Bit of Greece? Thank you very much – over to Italy, sir? But of course… I caught myself a boat from Greece over to Italy and after a relaxing trip across the width of Italy I landed in Pompeii – or there-abouts.

Pushpin: Pompeii - a short rail trip from Naples

The town I stopped in was Naples, down near the water front was a hostel of epic cheapness, the town itself is worth a visit with fantastic back streets that make you feel like it could be the 1950’s all over again, wonderful churches & squares with wide open spaces that stretch down to the sea, as well as shopping for those of you with no imagination other than to spend money.

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Tom’s European Vacation (Part 8): Athens…

October 18, 2010 Leave a comment

What I was doing in Athens is anyone’s guess… I had got there (from a different place) by train (I think) only to find that, as with everywhere else I found myself, I did not speak the language and, hitherto, had felt no particular desire to go in the first place.

Mildly enthusiastic about the possibility of sitting down and discussing high-brow theories of logic vs belief or, alternatively, meeting some gorgeous Greek girl (either would have been fine) I set off for the only recognisable structure in the area…

Once there (the Parthenon), and whilst surveying Athens from above, I eavesdropped on an art/history lesson. It was interesting, however the only bits of information I didn’t already know I have since forgotten. On the gorgeous Greek girl front (if, indeed, I could get anywhere near her front) there was no action; as for the opportunity to discuss logic vs belief on the steps where some old guys chatted ages ago; no luck. Although I did have a look at the steps, very worn they were too.

So, some nice photos at least, but little else. I do recall a most splendid cold beer (or was it several hundred?) with some snack food somewhere in the narrow streets below the Acropolis – the rest is a blur for some reason.

‘Be thankful for the beer’, says my mangled mind in a kind of religious stupor; let us pray: oh Lord please provide us with beer, women and enough money to enjoy the two in large enough quantities that we forget what we did the following morning… Amen.

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