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Squiddling Around Salisbury

November 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Squiddling around Salisbury tomorrow I found that I had missed something quite astonishing about the town in the subsequent 15 visits over the next so-many-years.

It’s an easy thought to conjure – but when I looked about at my life, in those years to come, I couldn’t help but think: ‘Goodness gracious me – where is the Lotus garage that once I held in such high esteem?’

Clearly, it’s still there – but, I find, it remains far less interesting than it ever used to be. Not too dissimilar to the rest of my life – a problem I have been battling with since my return from India; an endless chain of tainted love, boredom and waiting.

I wonder, then, lonely as a luxo lamp, that jumps on high and squashes small colourful balls at the start of films. Or was it Luxor – a distant land somehow reminiscent of Egypt’s greatest Kings and Queens – or, perhaps, gamblers? …as I was saying: I wonder, not wander, WONDER at the sheer size of the world these days – not that geographically it’s extended itself that much – but, more importantly, how small it has got; I mean, I can write this unfeasibly meaningless pseudo-article and some idiot makes the electricity to transmit it with the assumption that it might just be as important as a piece of news; what’s more, I look out from the computer screen and wonder why you are actually reading it…  Hmmmmmm…

Have you truly not got anything better to do with your life than consume other people’s writings? Perhaps it is time to start again and leave the house, leave the phone where it is, visit a neighbour/friend/associate and talk about doing something different – something you have yet to do; something that is outside the general pattern of your life – avoid the news, avoid the TV, avoid the settee… 

Or: you could go to the pub. I hear it’s quite nice there. 

Here – something new – a new word:

bliesfelt [ˈblys-felt] Brit Slang


1. weary; tired out

2. weary of food; overly full, esp after an interview and too much pasta the previous night

This is how I will be mostly feeling tomorrow. See if you can remember it and use it…  If you can’t what went wrong with your brain?

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