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Bordering on convenience (or: Tescos takes over Border store)…

Yes – astonishing as it may seem – news broke today that Tescos would be taking over the Borders store in Bournemouth Square.

Shocked pensioners were seen to be dancing in the street as they heard that they too would be eligible to buy cheap alcohol from right in the centre of Bournemouth, despite initial protestations from the chap who owns the mini-convenience store round the corner on Richmond Hill.

When interviewed Barry Garlow of “Extract This” (the well known boy band of the 90’s) demanded, “This is just the sort of inner city rejuvenation project old pop bands like ourselves love, it’s a win-win situation all round”.

Opening from 7am-11pm the store will provide Bournemouth Square with a much needed shopping store capable of serving those that come from as far afield as Broadstone due to the better bus connection and cheaper fares riding on Transdev Yellow than those of Wilts and Dorset.

“I can get a return ticket to Bournemouth from right outside my house for £3.30”, conveyed a jubilated Broadstonian, “Not only is it faster than getting to Poole (avoiding a 20 minute walk) but it’s only 10p more”.

Wilts and Dorset are expected to respond by funding the development of a Las Vegas style strip running past the bus station and Poole library. Will this bring in the punters? Who knows – watch this space…

(See ‘The Echo for original news article and reactionary comments by people who have nothing better to do than comment on the Echo – I’m only jealous, I’ve not had any comments posted for my informative stories yet).

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