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Cusco and Machu Picchu

I was staying in Cusco at the time, wasting time strolling around the square, visiting the churches and museums to while away the days. Every morning the square was bustling with people and ticket sellers trying to get you, and anyone you might possibly know anywhere in the world, onto a bus with one of their tickets.

There was little you could do to avoid them – but with the knowledge that by 9am they would all be gone (all the busses having left) it was not too difficult to placate them for an hour or so… and pop up the narrow street off the square to my favourite ‘breakfast’ eatery for toast jam and eggs…

After a few days of this (nodding happily to the frantic sales people as I did my best to escape their requests for me to follow them upstairs to their office) I succumbed, and decided it was time to get the full bus tour…

‘Twas brillig and the slythy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe…  There you go – any other verbal description of the sights would surely not do them justice – you just have to go and see them yourself. It’s good – especially ‘sexy woman’ or whatever she likes to call herself these days…

Machu Pichu by rail…  I was up for the Inca trail – but instead took the Inca-Rail…  I was surprised too that they’d built one so long ago – ok,ok, it’s all lies… However, there was simply no space left on any Inca Trail for at least a few weeks and I’m just not organised enough outside of work to plan ahead, much better to take it as it comes…

Map picture

Sometimes…  Anyway – bloody good trip on a really old fashioned train with gorgeous food served, a wonderful ‘glass carriage’ and entertainment to keep you occupied, despite the fantastic scenery outside.

The place itself? I say only this – never go alone… Take someone, anyone, ‘tis a memory to share…  Oh – and if you’re interested in actually knowing something about it then read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machu_Picchu

Best memory: supping fine wine and eating gorgeous meals whilst imagining the character building effort it would have been to walk rather than take the train…  Oh, maybe next time – just to say ‘I did’ to those dissenters out there!

Best memory V2: Oh yes, and I mustn’t forget: the the view from the sun gate was OK too… 😉

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