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I could do with a ‘D’

Do you remember the good old days when advertising was fun in some way or another…? I watch it nowadays and it seems to lack something. I’d struggle to say that British advertising was the most innovative now – although many people will tell you it’s more subliminal than it was before (I can agree with that),

Gorgeous legs – what was the ad about…?
I have to say that much of the entertainment that used to be there seems to have gone missing. The only exceptions seem to be the strange Honda adverts that tell you all sorts of weird and wonderful things whilst you are treated to all sorts of weird and wonderful cartooons… 
Anyway – enough of this, for some obscure reason I remembered the phrase I could do with a ‘D’, the other day…  and I was en-route to the kitchen for a tea break. Shortly afterwards I had found this advert – not the *best* example of advertising humour (although Boycey(?) from Only Fools and Horses is in it); my overriding memory is the first: nice legs…  followed by pretty much everything including ‘wouldn’t mind living with those three’… Anyway – here it is for you to peruse…
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