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Arequipa, Peru

The land of cakes. All I remember about this place was the fact that there were cake shops everywhere. I have vague recollections of it, potentially, being a superb

place to live. It was high in the mountains with very clean air and superbly cool – which was a relief having been in desert conditions at the Oasis a couple of nights before… 

A beautiful square surrounded by upper floor coffee shops that allow the sunlight to keep you warm regardless of the time of day (it rarely dips below the rooftops) is the centre-piece, with extraordinarily old buildings (or at least materials – most stolen from Inca ruins in the 1700s) scattered throughout.

Just a couple of streets away from the square is an old monastery painted in vivid blues and reds with rooftops vistas of the surrounding mountains.

Definitely a place I would visit again – if only I had the time, money and people who’d like to take a look themselves…

Best Memory: The Monastery, …and peace…

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