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Lima to Pisco, Peru

Admittedly my trip to Peru was years ago now – but it’s time I wrote something about it before I forget I was there at all. A strange episode inView Pisco, Peru my life led me to travel the world…  and lo – I found myself in the land of Machu Pichu. I have never been a great fan of seeing the likes of Machu Pichu – it has always seemed like a very (North) American modern day ‘pilgrimage’ type thing to do. The sort of thing that people with no *real* life plan in order to alleviate the boredom, almost as if the people and places around them were not enough. Sad people.


So, as I am definitely not one of those, it never really occurred to me that I should travel – let alone to South

Lima to Pisco
Lima to Pisco

America.  …but after a short trip to see an old friend in Thailand I booked a ticket to Peru (via a few other places along the way). Most notable was the problem of language – not only had I never studied Spanish but I had never even looked at it before…

Stunned and surprised to find myself in Lima I went about booking an expensive tour of the country culminating in a trip to Machu Pichu itself… All negotiated using a cut down form of English understandable to all Peruvians (I hope).

My tour from Lima included Pisco, the Nazcar Lines, Arequipa, Cusco (Machu Pichu), Puno and plenty of other places.

Best Memory: falling into semi-sleep on the centre of the back seat on the bus home from the chemistry/geography lesson style yellow shore-lined excursion to be greeted each temporary wakeful moment with the most wonderful looking arse the world (or at least I, at this point) had ever seen…  OK, so sleep deprivation may do these things – but I remember it was certainly never a disappointment…

Take a look at Bing Maps to see my whole route…

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