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A Quick Stop at the Oasis

On the way to Arequipa we were parched – the long bus journey had to be interrupted for food and water and where else would one stop on a grand South American tour than at an Oasis… Here all our needs were satisfied – good food, water & everything else one would need… Actually it looks great – but there’s bugger all to do here – unless you fancy going beach buggy-ing, which was fun-ish, but seemed to last for only a few moments.

After that there was only a very nice looking hotel (which, had I had some company, I would surely have used), a hostel and an ice cream vendor. Oh, and some boats reminiscent of those pedalo type things you find on Poole Park lake in the summer.

All in all enormously picturesque – but certainly not a place to take a weeks vacation, a day and I had had my fill… Which was lucky as it had to be an overnight stop in order to catch the bus the next day on the next part of the (bloody long) voyage to Arequipa!

Wish I could remember where the hell this damn place was – but I’m pretty sure that all buses that go from West to East will stop here on the way to Arequipa.

Best Memory: ice-cream in a desert, dune buggying???  …and then that moment of clarity when you climb to the top of a dune on your own and look out over the desert accompanied by only silence and the wind. He was right, the desert is clean… ‘I like it because it’s clean…’

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